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Christian Atmosphere

We provide a wholesome, Christian environment for our students to excel in receiving an excellent education.

Godly Influence

God has brought a great group of teachers to our academy. Not only have they proven themselves as educators, but more importantly as godly examples and servant-leaders.

Scriptural-Based Education

Our educational program is established upon the Word of God. No humanism, evolution, or socialism taught here.

A-Beka Curriculum

With almost 50 years in the education industry, over 250,000 students use A-Beka each year. Students taught with the A-Beka curriculum have competed in the Olympics, been accepted to Bible colleges, Ivy League colleges, and gone on to serve the Lord in many areas of leadership in our nation.

Proven Track Record

Many of those who have graduated through our Academy in the past 30 years, have gone on to excel in their spiritual, family, secular, and upper educational goals.

Traditional Classes

We have a traditional classroom setting where the teacher will instruct the students on a daily basis.

Parkside Baptist Academy taught me to think analytically and built my work ethic. After a period of studying  I took my SAT which granted me access to multiple universities. I went through UT Dallas for Electrical Engineering and am currently working for Splunk as a technical work engineer.

Nosa Edokpayi

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